Kenny Cox is a boy that lives in the neighborhood and I've seen him just hanging outside. He just turned 20 and loves showing off his body and he's kind of a tease and I sensed that he was flirting with me. I invited him over to hang out and watch some TV and to my surprise, he was checking out some of the books I have and of course he picks up the book called, "The Joy Of Sex" and he started reading it. So when I told him about my work and what I do, I also told him that I wanted to film him and asked if he had any fantasies that he wanted to play out in front of the camera. He said that one of his fantasies had always been someone taking advantage of him while he slept. With a cutie like Kenny, I'd be stupid not to help his dreams come true. We arranged it and here it is for you to see. He went off to bed and told me to wait two hours before I came into the room. Two hours passed and into the room I went. Kenny had the comforter pulled over him and I quickly pulled that down to discover that he was sleeping in his white briefs. This boy is beautiful with an adorable face, nice smooth body. I played with his treasure trail for a second and then moved down to rub his cock through his briefs. He was already hard and before long I had that beautiful boy cock out of them. At this point, Kenny was so turned on that he didn't even pretend to be asleep. You can see how turned on his is by the way he looks at me right before I pull his briefs all the way off. I started giving him a proper handjob and he started to squirm around and moan. He got louder as I got him closer and then shot all over his stomach and even onto my hand as I continued stroking and teasing the head of his cock as he gave me a big smile and a great relief for Kenny.


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