I really do think that those magazine sales people that come by are scammers. I find it hard to believe that they travel state to state raising money for college. If they are, then why aren't they in college? I still usually buy something so they have a semi good day that has to be a rough job. When Diego came by selling his magazines, I had more than a subscription in mind. I told him if he came in and spent some time with me, that I'd buy a few subscriptions. It didn't take him long to agree. He lay down on my couch; I turned the recorder on and went to work. I got him out of his shorts, and began to play with his cock in his Hanes undies. I got that cock hard in his undies, and it looked so great that I didn't want to pull it out. I let it sit there for a bit, and when I did pull off his undies I realized what a fantastic cock this young stud has. That is when I began to pay attention to that hard stick and I began rubbing and stroking it really playing with it. I moved fast into jerking that hard dick, I couldn't wait to see the cum spill out of it as it came. I could tell he was enjoying it, but he was a quiet one and didn't say too much as I milked that cock of every drop that he had inside. He did laugh at the end and I guess that was something, but now I want to try jerking him off again sometime and see if I can make him moan like a bitch.


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