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  • I wanted some alone time so I snuck down into the basement. My roommates and I hardly new about this area of the house since it was creepy down there and we hardly come down here but for me, its my very own private area where I can chill out, relax, watch my favorite porn videos and jerk off.

  • After Gabriel blew me fun time was over and I had to do my laundry and I was collecting all my dirty clothes and I remember I left some of my clothes in Gabriel's room and wanted to add that to my laundry, as I entered the room, Gabriel wanted to play more and get his dick sucked and was still very horned up.

  • I was laying in bed super horned up so I decided to watch some of my favorite porn. I slipped my hand underneath my undies and getting myself hard when my friend Gabriel barged into my room...

  • It was raining outside all day long so not much to do so I decided to take out my camera and my horned up roommate was jerking off on the sofa so I gave him my camera because I wanted to see what it looked like to suck his cock.

  • I was just laying down chillin' with my phone when Bruno walks in..that dude is always horny. I knew he's an exhibitionist so I tempted him with a good time with my dick. Bruno really knows how to deep throat my thick cock.

  • I was hanging out playing Xbox and on my way to the kitchen for some sweet tea, I saw my bro pullin' on his dick. Since we've always helped each other out and I needed a break from the online game I was playin', I thought I'd give em a hand and squeeze one out with em.

  • I was just hanging out playing with my new cell phone and decided to snap some dick pics and send to my girlfriend but to my surprise, my buddy Zachary enters the room and me being horned up I told Zachary to start sucking my cock.

  • I was just hanging out minding my own business when all I wanted to do is jerk off and to my surprise my buddy Tyrese comes barging into the room as I was feeling myself up. I figured while he's in the room I might as well get him to work on my cock.

  • I was playing around with my new camera and decided to film myself jerking off but my buddy Jasper came in the room and wanted to give me a helping hand. To say the least, I didn't think it was going to anything like that. My buddy Jasper grabbed my cock and started stroking it, I was super hard and when he decided to give me a blowjob, my dick was really in for a treat.

  • After Peter busted in my mouth my dick was really hard and I was very horned up. Peter was a bit nervous and I think this was his first time sucking another guy so he started off a bit slow and I think his innocents really turned me on even more.

  • I was hiking again in my favorite spot. After a hike in the woods through some trails I found my favorite spot. That is when I noticed this hot boy walking and I figure I'd take advantage of this secluded spot and bust a move on him. With some eye contact and both knew what was going to happen and what was going to be next.

  • Today we welcome Peter Allan, no not the singer but our boy next door kid that I've been watching since he was a kid. Now that he turns 18yrs old, he tells me he is straight but because he lives at home, he doesn't have that much privacy and we can't jerk off or watch porn.

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