Chad, Anthony and Jacob are all staying together at the beach. Stretched for cash, they got a hotel room together. The room only had one bed, which means all three of them had to squeeze into it to sleep. Jacob is the first to wake up and his movement startled Anthony awake as well. Chad initially sleeps through this until Jacob brushes up against his one arm and Anthony starts stroking the other. Chad doesn't resist so Anthony starts flicking his pierced nipple with his tongue while rubbing his cock through his briefs. Jacob starts licking Chad, too, starting at his nipple and working down to his stomach and then to his belly button. Anthony and Jacob start pulling down Chad's underwear to expose his beautiful semi-hard-on. Chad has a nice cock and big silky balls aching for relief. Jacob is the first to go down on Chad's cock as Anthony focuses on Chad's body with his tongue. By now, Chad is rock hard and starts whimpering at the feel of the warm mouth surrounding his cock. Both Anthony and Jacob start going down on Chad's cock together and then alternating which one sucks him off. The boys are all talking to each other and are impressed when Anthony manages to take Chad's cock all the way down to the base. Beautiful Chad remains the focus of his friends and he eventually ends up with his hands bound to the bed while his friends service him. He enjoys the blowjob he is getting from Anthony and is not the least bit quiet about this fact and his moans are super hot. Finally, Jacobs cock comes out of his boxers and Chad sucks him off while Anthony sucks off Chad's cock. Jacob is very vocal and tells Chad to blow his load, which you can tell Chad enjoys because his moaning gets louder. Anthony jerks off Chad until he cums and then plays with his cock, which makes Chad squirm. Anthony enjoys this power and continues to tease Chad. As a bonus, we get to watch the two boys suck off Jacob until he cums. He blows a huge load while Chad is jerking him off and Anthony is licking his balls. Jacob shoots all over his chest, arm and stomach. He is a big shooter and I can only imagine how much cum ended up on the sheets and even the headboard. The video ends with the two boys making Jacob laugh and squirm as Chad continues to jerk him off with Anthony licking his balls. The smile on Anthony's face is adorable.


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