I really am glad that I installed a motion camera in the guest room. It always picks up everything that happens in there. I know its sneaky, but how else am I going to catch great action at night. I had it put in when I started having tons of boys staying over. They stay over when they are drunk or just bored or just not in the mood to go home. I don't mind, but I was sure I was missing out on a bunch of action late at night. Once I installed this cam I knew that I had been. Just check out Mark and Dexter. I noticed that it is somewhat fuzzy, I'll have to adjust the camera angle and such, but at least it caught all the action. It all started innocent enough when these two went to bed after a long day of working in my yard. They were exhausted, so they took a shower and went to bed. I turned the lights out and headed into my own room. Dexter was restless it seems and started playing around with Mark's cock. Mark was so tired at first he didn't even realize what Dexter was doing. He jerked and sucked on that cock in those white undies until it was hard. After some of that great tongue and mouth action Mark wakes up and moans even though he is half asleep he is enjoying the jerking and sucking that Dexter is doing on his cock. He begins to wake up and jerk on Dexter's cock. They flip the light on and really begin to get into what they are doing. They are both jerking on each other at this point and I think that Mark is finally awake as he takes Dexter's dick into his mouth and begins to suck it down. He wraps those sweet red rips around that dick and sucks it madly while Dexter watches. You know in his mind he is telling himself what a great thing it was to wake Mark up like this. Mark moves up and begins to kiss Dexter again and they both grab each other again to begin the jerking action. Mark jumps on that dick again though and continues to suck and tease it with his tongue and mouth while Dexter moans his appreciation. Mark dry humps Dexter a bit then they face each other and begin to jerk those dicks off as they kiss and touch each other. When things start to get really exciting Mark begins to jerk both dicks leaning up to suck on Dexter's from time to time. The moaning increases as they both are close to cumming, but it is Dexter that screams out his load first all over Mark's hand and his pelvis. Then Mark follows him making them both nasty and wet.


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